Simply put, we’re the best at what we do and there is a sense of pride that comes with that. We are the leading provider of total water solutions to our wide range of customers, from small startups to major oil companies.

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Select Mission, Vision and Values

OUR MISSION – Delivering operational excellence and environmentally responsible water management solutions to industry leaders.

OUR VISION – Be the recognized leader and trusted partner in sustainable water management solutions.


  • Accountability – Take ownership of my actions and their outcomes.
  • Continuous Improvement – Embrace the necessity for change and commitment to continual growth and progress
  • Teamwork – Encourage and support a collaborative, sage, and engaged work environment.



Select believes that employees are to be served rather than just managed, so we place a priority on programs that are designed to inspire growth and make a difference in the lives of our employees. From hosting personal development workshops to structured on-the-job-training with a mentor, Select provides the resources employees need to achieve more. Select has also partnered with Gallup to conduct recurring Employee Engagement Surveys. These surveys help us learn what our employees think we are good at and where they think we can do better. Select also aims to touch the lives of its employees thru the Grant-a-Wish program, which allows employees to make meaningful requests for themselves or their coworkers to arrange experiences, facilitate personal growth, or assist in crisis.

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At Select, we know appreciation is a basic human need and in order us to remain an outstanding workplace, we need to make sure that need is met. Having a culture of praising others means that recognition is an ongoing, daily activity. Whether it be a manager presenting a formal award or an informal pat on the back from a coworker with a Select Shout Out, employees at Select are constantly reminded that their work is valued. From years of service awards to safety medallions to brand new pick-up trucks, Select will find a way to thank the people that make a difference because it’s simply the right thing to do.



Rick - Select Energy Services
Job Position 1

“Working for Select over the years, I have met a wide variety of different people and have made some good friends. Everything I have learned about Primary and Secondary Containment I learned from some really experienced Select Supervisors and Leads that were fun to work for every day. I try to emulate those qualities with my guys to try to make their experience working for Select as good as mine has been.”

– Derek Coron, Rentals, Greeley, CO


Connor - Select Energy Services
Job Position 2

"As an HSSE Manager, I get the opportunity to interact with all of our business unit employees daily. It never ceases to amaze me how well everyone works together to make the company a success, with safety as a core value. One of the best parts for me is being able to help educate employees on safety standards, while also being able to reward them for their safety commitment, via the Safety Recognition Program. Select believes safety is paramount and our employees are non-negotiable. I’m proud to be a part of this team and seeing the safety culture that has been instilled into our company and employees, daily."

– Stephen Nevarez, HSSE, Gainesville, TX

John Doe

John Doe - Select Energy Services
Job Position 3

“In my time at Select I have had the incredible opportunity to be on front end of technology in the energy industry. This makes every day exciting and keeps me looking forward to what’s coming next. Even more than that, the people I get to work alongside make being at Select worthwhile. Whether in the office or in the field I’ve meet good people who set an example by really caring about the job they are doing. I try my best to do the same. We’re all on the same team and that isn’t something you find everywhere else.”

– Brandon Mata, Frac Automation, Oklahoma City, OK

John Doe

John Doe - Select Energy Services
Job Position 4

“I’ve been with select for about a year and a half now and I must say that I’ve never worked for a more employee-first company. Select lives by the ingenious management concept of “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your customers.”

– Randy Gill, Well Testing Midland , TX