It is no secret that technology is the wave of the future. That is why Select is committed to being on the cutting edge of oilfield technology. Our technology allows us to better meet customer demands while helping our employees to work smarter by giving them access to real-time information and data, making their jobs run smoother and more efficiently, and by achieving a high level of consistency in duties.

Our AquaView® system offers the ability to monitor and control water assets and provides real-time data to our customers. AquaLogic™, our full suite of automated water transfer solutions, allows us to automate the movement of water within specific parameters and has the ability send alerts and take action when thresholds have been crossed.

Fluid Survey and Monitoring Technician
Midland, TX
Automation Technician
Carlsbad, NM
Water Transfer Automation Technician
Saint Marys, WV
Water Transfer Automation Technician
Houston, PA
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